Have you outgrown your home?

By Andrew Trim 
Author of Real Estate Dangers 

How do you know if it’s time to move on? Maybe you have more kids than bedrooms, or you’re getting to an age where maintaining your property is physically demanding. Our lifestyle dictates what we do & don’t need in a home.

Change in family size

The house may be too crowded if you’ve got the addition (or return) of children, a spouse, relatives or even furry friends. If you’ve got children sharing a bedroom, there will come a time they’ll demand more personal space for themselves. Maybe the children have all grown up and you’ve got a 5-bedroom house and are no longer needing the space.

There just isn’t enough room

When you started in your current house, you may have been newlyweds. In the meantime, you’ve had experiences complete with photos and souvenirs, the kids have gone to school so you have kept some of their best memorabilia, you’ve acquired hobbies and bought the equipment to complement, you work in corporate so you have a separate wardrobe dedicated to workwear. There is only so much you can declutter and you may have well and truly just outgrown your space

Your home or neighbourhood doesn’t fit your lifestyle

You may love entertaining but unfortunately do not have a spacious kitchen or an outdoor area. You may have three young kids but those in the street are all retirees. Great for babysitting purposes, but not great if you’re wanting your kids to have friends in the street.

You’re not doing the DIY projects you said you would

Maybe you don’t feel quite at home. If you’ve been living in the property for quite some time and have not had the money and time to make the adjustments, it may be a sign to move on.

You want pets

Pets are great but do require space. If your property is not accommodating to fit some fur babies, you may have outgrown the property.

There’s a line for the bathroom in your own home

Rushing to use the bathroom, only to find someone else is already in there? Maybe it’s time for a second bathroom.

There are multiple reasons as to why your house may no longer be the right fit. If your property is no longer serving or over-serving your requirements, it may be time to consider your next move, literally.

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