When answering this question, good agents will discuss the Smart Sale method currently being used throughout Australia with great success. As well as providing financial safety, this method of sale allows for home sellers to test the market without damaging the digital footprint.

In a digital world where data is a vital component of a successful sale, your property’s digital footprint is important; it is your property’s online traceable history and can heavily influence the final price obtained. To safely market a property and obtain the highest price a strategy must exist to manage the conflict that arises between digital advertising and the digital footprint.

Think about it, have you ever seen a home that has been on the market for a long period of time and thought “something must be wrong with that property?”. Nowadays every photo and every change to a digital listing is traceable.

Any agent you interview should be able to discuss their strategy for managing this conflict.

There are no do-overs, and this is why many home sellers have a legitimate fear (a very real danger) of underselling their property. Because once it’s sold you’ve lost the chance to make any more from that property.

Agents should be aware of this, and be able to discuss the many factors that can drive a sale price below market value, including poor marketing, a price indication that is too low, an asking price that is too high or an agent underselling the property to a friend or colleague (that’s real estate’s version of insider trading).

To avoid underselling a property it is important to understand the strategies and methods agents are likely to recommend, what they are designed for and the significant part agents play in selling property. The chosen method of sale will affect the type of marketing, the initial outlay of costs (if any), the price quoted in advertising and – most significantly – the final price achieved.

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