The Truth About Buyers this Christmas

Is your agent telling you there are no buyers around this Christmas?

Some people say there are no buyers in Goulburn over the holiday period, but this simply isn’t true!

With more time on buyer’s hands due to the holiday’s, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of enquiry we’ve received.

At this time of year, we find that many families realise that they have;

1. Outgrown their home

2. Have had a change in job and need to relocate

3. Another change in circumstance has occurred

This means that buyers often think “there’s no time like the present to consider buying a home or adding to their investment property portfolio”.

If you’ve been thinking about selling and you’ve been looking for a sign it’s time… THIS IS IT!

Give Goulburn First National Real Estate a call on 02 4822 8711 anytime over this Christmas and New Year Season to speak with one of our friendly team members to discuss your plans!

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