Majority of property investors spend too little time assessing the skills of their property manager and need to look beyond fees when choosing who will manage their investment portfolio.

The commitment required to effectively maintain properties, quality client relations, legislative compliance, and, excellence in customer service is sometimes extra-ordinary.

Yet, when choosing a property manager the majority of landlords and investors look only at management fees, thinking that property management represents little more than the collection of rent.

Investors need to consider the systems and experience behind the agency that they are entrusting the management of their properties to.

Professionally qualified and trained property managers bring so much more to the equation than rent collection. You only need to experience one problem with a tenant to begin to understand the importance of a comprehensive appreciation of the laws governing tenancy. Paying a slightly higher fee for a more professional manager makes a huge difference, even without a problem tenancy.

A good property manager does so much more than protect you from undue anxiety. They offer valuable advice about how to improve rental yields, guidance on when and where to invest and can even point investors towards the right place for advice.

Goulburn First National Real Estate has over 60 years in combined experience and are the leading Property Management team in the Goulburn area.


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