Goulburn First National in partnership with Harvest Goulburn to support Mission Australia’s Giving Tree

The First National team are very proud in partnership with Harvest Goulburn to be supporting Mission Australia’s Giving Tree. From Saturday the 28th November all coffee sold during the hour of 8am till 9am at Harvest on every Saturday leading into Christmas will see the First National team match the dollar figure in coffee sales and purchase much needed Christmas gifts for Children within our local community that may otherwise not experience the joy of receiving a gift this Christmas. To date we have had over 100 coffees sold during this power hour which means that we have had the pleasure of purchasing gifts to the value of $1000 to date and we still have one Saturday to go.

Its times likes these that make us so proud to be a part of this wonderful town that we live in to see the community come out and buy their coffee to enable our team to purchase these much needed Christmas gifts.

As well as purchasing a coffee to support the cause we are also collecting toys of all ages up to 16 years at both Harvest and our office, please ensure that all gifts are unwrapped when donating.

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