8 QUESTIONS SMART HOME SELLERS ASK – Question #5. “How do your buyer inspections impact your negotiation strategy?”


Smart Sellers will look to see if the agent has given consideration to how buyer inspection methods affect the final sale price. Does the agent understand how the inspection ties in to the negotiation?

Any time a genuine buyer wants an inspection the agent should arrange it. In a stable or falling market when there are fewer buyers and more property for sale, forcing buyers to wait for a scheduled viewing only increases the chance they will purchase elsewhere. A private appointment to inspect, set promptly, increases a buyer’s expectation this property will sell quickly, which strengthens the seller’s negotiation power.

Also in a day an age where people are time poor and weekends are full, often open for inspections are not convenient for buyers. Some buyers respond better to a private appointment and for agents it allows them to gain better feedback from the buyer about the property they’re viewing.

When conducting an open home, a professional agent will always record buyers’ details and contact information before they enter the property. After the open home, effective follow-up is essential to an agent understanding any interested buyer, their motive and their budget. All necessary factors when negotiating you the best price.

Good agents have knowledge of a buyer’s wants and needs. They develop a relationship with the buyer that is the key to successfully negotiating you the highest price.

Although there is no definite right or wrong answer to this question, good agents will have given serious thought to this question and be able to articulate their reasons for the methods they use.

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