8 Questions Smart Home Sellers Ask – 1. What sets you apart from other Agents?

Agent selection is one of the key elements of the sales process. When selecting an agent be sure to ask them; “What sets you apart from other real estate agents?”

Look for answers beyond the superficial.

Agents can often be self-focused and their answer to this question will reflect this, for example, many agents will answer this question with shiny statistics or bold statements such as “I sell lots of houses in Goulburn” or “our auction clearance rate is X%”. This self-importance and gloating demonstrates where their focus is during the sale, it is not on the house or your needs as their client, but merely on their ego.

A good agent will focus on you and your goals, they will focus on getting you were you want to go. Good agents are well trained in methods and strategies of sale that benefit you, the seller.

When selecting an agent, decide what is important to YOU and what it is you are looking for in an agent.

Agent selection is vital in making smart selling decisions. Your agent will help guide you in making decisions around price, method of sale, use of media for advertising and marketing.

Hiring the right agent to sell your property is crucial. As the old saying goes, the cheapest agent and the best agent are not the same person. Hiring the wrong agent costs a lot more than just their selling fee, they can cost you tens of thousands of dollars to your sale price. Take great care when deciding which agent to trust.

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