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April 02, 2020

COVID-19 Awareness

In the interest of ensuring the health and safety of our team, clients and the community when visiting a property please observe the following conditions of entry.  

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April 01, 2020



Naturally every home seller wants the highest possible price for their property. After all for most people, this is their largest asset.

While seemingly an obvious question, agents will rarely give a clear and direct answer.

The two most common lies told in the real estate industry involve the price estimate quoted to potential sellers. They are;

1. The improbable lie: this is when an agent intentionally inflates a property’s potential selling price; it’s the lie most people are aware of and...


March 24, 2020

8 Questions Smart Home Sellers Ask - 2. “How would you take my property to the market?”


When answering this question, good agents will discuss the Smart Sale method currently being used throughout Australia with great success. As well as providing financial safety, this method of sale allows for home sellers to test the market without damaging the digital footprint.

In a digital world where data is a vital component of a successful sale, your property’s digital footprint is important; it is your property’s online traceable history and can heavily influence the final price obtained....


March 18, 2020

8 Questions Smart Home Sellers Ask - 1. What sets you apart from other Agents?

Agent selection is one of the key elements of the sales process. When selecting an agent be sure to ask them; “What sets you apart from other real estate agents?”

Look for answers beyond the superficial.

Agents can often be self-focused and their answer to this question will reflect this, for example, many agents will answer this question with shiny statistics or bold statements such as “I sell lots of houses in Goulburn” or “our auction clearance rate is X%”. This self-importance...


March 17, 2020

NSW First National Excellence Awards 2020

Keeping with tradition our sales team had the honour of taking out the following awards during First Nationals Night of recognition for the industry's high achievers.

Brody Willis – Platinum Award

Terry Austin – Diamond Award

Barry McEntee – Gold Award

Barry and Heidi would like to thank our entire team for their hard work and dedication to exceptional client care.

A fantastic night was had by all celebrating another successful year in business for our team.



March 16, 2020

Goulburn Invitational Charity Golf Day

The Goulburn Invitational celebrated its 13th birthday on February 28 this year and we enjoyed another successful event, once again raising well over $20,000 to support local charities and individuals in need over the coming 12 months.

The weather may have been warm but the golf was red hot with a record scratch score of 17 under par being recorded by Luke Humphries, Dom Falk and Brad Mitchell. The winners of the main event also shot a low number with the...


March 16, 2020

Easter Giveaway Terms and Conditions

It’s Easter Giveaway Time! 

This Easter, the team at Goulburn First National Real Estate are giving you the chance to win a day at the movies on us. 

To enter this competition you simply have to comment on our Facebook post the street address where you have seen our Easter Egg Sold stickers appear!

For example; “John Doe – Smith Street, Goulburn”

1 x entry will be given for each address given.

For an extra entry comment the full address with the street number.



March 11, 2020

What sorts of questions should retirees ask when choosing an agent to sell their home?

Selling your property can be a big decision and for retirees in particular, the outcomes of the sale can impact significantly on the next stage of life – dictating ongoing financial security, subsequent property purchases and more. So, it’s really important to find an agent who can not only help you to sell, but who’ll have a complex understanding and compassion around what your needs are. Too many retirees are subjected to disrespectful, dismissive behaviours from a range of professionals,...


February 28, 2020

What the changes to the NSW Residential Tenancies Act means for you

In October 2018, NSW Parliament passed the NSW Residential Tenancies Amendment Review Act— this will implement a range of amendments to our current legislation with most to take effect as of 23 March 2020. We would like to introduce some of these changes to our landlords, tenants and investor clients.


Under the new legislation the amount that a landlord can recover as a break fee (where a tenant wishes to terminate a tenancy agreement whilst still in...


February 26, 2020

Half of Aussie home buyers are failing to do this...

...Despite knowing what they’re looking for in a property..

Aussie buyers know what they are looking for in a property (think practicality, quality finishes and solar panels) yet half are failing to complete due diligence, a new GlobalX survey has found.

When buying real estate, due diligence is the process of properly evaluating a property before purchasing, a process Aussie buyers are skipping. Most buyers are aware of building and pest inspections and action these but important questions such...


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