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November 14, 2019

The Cost of Internet Ads Skyrockets

Over the past decade, real estate agents have replaced expensive newspaper ads with expensive Internet ads.

Real estate agents love a motivated vendor. One of the easiest ways to get the home sellers motivated is to have them invest in a multitude of products before the campaign begins.

However, any marketing expense during your sales campaign must be ultimately linked to a higher price.

Heads we win, tails you lose.

Agents now strongly recommend expensive Internet ads to vendors, but vendors are asked to...


November 14, 2019

It is simply NOT true...

Some people say there are no buyers around in the holiday period.

This might apply to some agents. Who knows!?

But it does NOT apply to us!!!

At this time of year we find that many families realise that they have outgrown their home or have a change in job and need to relocate.

If you are thinking of selling, we have buyers who may be interested in your property.

Give Goulburn First National Real Estate a call anytime over this Christmas and New Year...


November 08, 2019

First National Property Management Conference

This month our Property Management team attended the First National Property Management Conference on the Gold Coast. The conference ran over two days boasting a number of industry experts and trainers. Our team have all returned with many ideas to implement which will assist in providing the best service to our landlords, tenants and tradespeople.

There was a common theme of focusing on legislation and compliance ensuring that every part of the property management transaction is completed in a...


November 07, 2019

Mystery Shop the Agent

The selection of the selling agent is usually decided upon from an interview and/or a sales proposal process.

Whether it’s an interview or a sales proposal that you are using to determine your agent, neither actually shows the agent in action.

Agents are fully rehearsed with scripts and dialogues to ensure a slick presentation when they are being interviewed by sellers.

Given you are employing an agent to market, sell and negotiate the sale of your home, it is worth seeing them in...


November 04, 2019


On the weekend of the 2nd & 3rd November we saw yet another successful turnout for Cancer Council’s Relay For Life. This has been our 4th year supporting Relay For Life & we are so proud to be a part of it.

This year the committee announced that 33 teams & 307 people registered. Outstanding numbers. 

Goulburn First National has assisted in raising funds for Cancer Council which has contributed to the overall fundraising goal.

$54 241 has been raised so far but...


October 30, 2019

Have you been out on a buck’s night? The questions banks are asking

The banks have been asking some interesting questions in the wake of the banking royal commission. With banks tightening their criteria for lending to Australians, brokers have reported asking more personal questions.

Pro Solution Private Clients associate director Jodie McKeown, along with her colleagues, has begun warning clients that some of the questions banks are asking are likely to leave people upset.

One of Pro Solution’s clients was questioned for his spending at a gentleman’s club for a buck’s night while another...


October 23, 2019


The location is ideal, it has the right number of bedrooms and living spaces, the yard is great – it feels like the perfect home. Occasionally, a buyer matches a property to perfection.

This buyer is going to live in the property. It will become their home. There is an instant and strong emotional connection.

This is the ‘heart buyer’. Heart buyers are seen early in marketing campaigns and only want that specific property. There are generally two types of heart buyer:



October 17, 2019

Should I buy now or wait until the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme starts?

As you slog away, saving the deposit for your first home, it’s difficult not to get excited when new government incentives are announced. From the First Home Owner’s Grant, introduced in 2000, to the First Home Super Saver Scheme of the 2018 Federal budget, Australian first home buyers can hardly complain there’s nothing in it for them, especially when the lowest interest rates in history balance out the fact that prices are much higher than 30 years ago (when interest...


October 10, 2019


If you want above market price for your property, agents have a number of tricks to bring you back into line. Some of these tactics are subtle, others are more transparent. Either way, when you know what they are, you stand some chance of protecting yourself.

Pre-auction low offer – If you are expecting a huge price on auction day, a low offer well below the expected price often arises the week before the auction. The agent does not expect the...


October 03, 2019


Majority of property investors spend too little time assessing the skills of their property manager and need to look beyond fees when choosing who will manage their investment portfolio.

The commitment required to effectively maintain properties, quality client relations, legislative compliance, and, excellence in customer service is sometimes extra-ordinary.

Yet, when choosing a property manager the majority of landlords and investors look only at management fees, thinking that property management represents little more than the collection of rent.

Investors need to consider the...


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