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January 22, 2020

Two lies of the real estate industry

When asked to price a property, a real estate agent has the opportunity to impress the owner and obtain a listing. Listings are the lifeblood of any real estate career.

The two most common lies in the real estate industry involve the estimate price quoted to potential sellers.

One is the lie real estate agents are most known and disliked for – the intentional over-inflation of a homeowner’s potential selling price. The second and subtler of the two lies is one of...


January 16, 2020

Mainstream real estate advertising - is it money down the drain?

The real estate advertising market is and will continue to become more fractured. Gone are the days of real estate agents placing all of their listings in the newspaper, realestate.com.au and domain.com.au.

In 2020 both buyers & sellers are well advised to become aware of the subtle change in how the market is transacting. The catalyst for the change in the advertising market is the heavy costs of media websites on the back of skyrocketing price increases occurring. Both agents and...


January 16, 2020

Is your Property Managers Complacency Costing You Money?

There is often a lot of hype around maximising return on investment for landlord clients and it is a main focus for our Property Management team. There are many ways that we are able to demonstrate this, whether it be reducing the number of days vacant, ensuring that rental increases are recommended in line with market conditions when renewing long term leases, or achieving maximum market rent.

Just recently, our team have achieved $30 per week more than the previous...


January 15, 2020

The Kids Helpline

Our Team had the privilege of sharing lunch with First Nationals CEO Ray Ellis and his wife Ally who are on a road trip around NSW and VIC raising awareness around the work that Kids help line do and to remind the general public that the First National Network which is across Australia and New Zealand support the amazing work that the kids help line do.

Very sadly in Australia we have children calling the kids help line every 90 seconds.



January 13, 2020

First National Real Estate’s CEO visits Goulburn to raise awareness for the Kids Helpline

First National Real Estate’s Chief Executive, Ray Ellis will hit the road in January reminding parents that Kids Helpline is there for their kids and to support the essential work the free national helpline provides for young people anytime and for any reason. Ray will be attending our office from 1:30pm on Monday 13 January 2020.

The ‘CEO’s Coastal Campervan Dash’ started in Bright in Victoria on Wednesday 8 January 2020, stopping at key locations to support and create network members’...


January 10, 2020

Bushfire Appeal

In conjunction with Sara Fife Photography became a drop off station for donations to communities affected by the Bushfire Crisis.

We had some very generous visitors to the office with some goods for the Belconnen Community Service to distribute to Bushfire Relief Centre located in Yass.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to get photos with all of the wonderful Goulburnites who contributed, but you can see from the picture how generous donations were for less then 24hrs notice! Thank-you Sara Fife...


January 08, 2020

New Year, New Home? - The Smart Way to Secure your Dream Home

Did you know that many home owners are willing to sell – even if their property is not "on the market"?

With the right offer at the right time, a purchase can be surprisingly easy and involve minimal stress.

So if you have your heart set on a street, an area, a school catchment zone – even a specific home – Goulburn First National Real Estate can help.

Our exclusive “HomeFinder Service” is free and confidential and has helped a number of families...


January 02, 2020

New Year New Home - Is buying a home your new year’s resolution?

Year in and year out at the turn of calendar we make promises to ourselves that we’ll eat healthier, quit smoking, go to the gym, take up a new hobby, give up alcohol or start saving, but every year come February we’ve found that we’ve broken these goals and think to ourselves “I’ll give it a shot next year.” If this year your New Year’s resolution is to buy a new home, then here are our tips to keep you...


December 31, 2019

Genuine Buyers or Lookers?

When selling your home a good question to ask yourself is would you prefer that your agent show your property to genuine buyers, “lookers” or both? Each time the response is, “genuine buyers”.

One of the primary roles of a real estate agent is to attract genuine buyers to the property, a principle that our agency holds strongly when selling homes.

In the real estate industry this is not always the case. Agents are allowing “lookers” to inspect properties of which they...


December 30, 2019

10 Clever Storage Solutions for your Christmas Decorations

The festivities are over and it’s now time to tackle the all-important task of storing your Christmas Decorations for another year! Careful storage of your ornaments and lights increases the longevity of these items but also ensures it’s easy to find and unpack them for next year!

1. Plastic storage tubs are an affordable option and readily available from Kmart, Reject Shop and other dollar stores in Goulburn. Ensure you label them.

2. Save absorbent silica gel sachets from new shoes and gifts and...


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